Saturday, October 24, 2009

How To Use Magic Workstation: Part 1 - Download and Installation

Welcome to How To Use Magic Workstation! This series will cover the basics and not-so-basics of Magic Workstation (henceforth referred to as MWS), and get you up to speed with getting it up and running with all the cards, the interface of both building and playing, and the etiquette of the program.

To download the core of Magic Workstation, you can follow this link: It's the first file.

Alright! You've downloaded it. Installing it is easy, simply follow the prompts.

However, when you bring up your Magic Workstation, you'll probably see some very odd cards. These aren't Magic cards, so we're going to need the gamepack. Thus, follow this link: and download the MTG Card Database.

There's one small problem: the database as of this writing does not contain Zendikar cards. To get those, we'll need to add a new set. Since you have to do this every few months anyway, I'll walk you through the process. First, Google up <set name> MWS patch. To make it easier on you, the Zendikar one is here.

Once it's downloaded, we need to install it. First, go to the toolbar at the top (the one with File, Edit and View in it in basically all programs) and go to Tools. Under there, select Analyse/Add/Remove Editions. Once there, choose Add New Edition, then tick the "Get data from text spoiler" option.

You can then proceed to go to your Downloads folder and select the Zendikar file. Click Next. Under the booster pack option, change the basic lands value to 1, and the commons value to 10. Then you're done! Go to File -> Save, or simply press Ctrl + S, and you're ready to play with the new cards.

Join us next time, when we talk about how to build some new decks and connect to your opponent!

P.S: I apologise for the lack of screenshots. Magic Workstation takes up most of the screen and I have a big screen, so screenshots are generally nearly useless. I'll do my best to explain it all with text.


  1. too easy, cheers :) is it worth registering?

  2. also, I couldn't get the text file version of Zen to work, but I found an updated master base here:

  3. I don't know if it's worth registering but I've used it for over a year and never bothered, so it's a safe bet to not bother.

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